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100 lovely things to write in a birthday card


Want to write a beautiful message to a loved one in a birthday card to make them feel extra special, but don’t know where to start? Try one of these 100 message ideas for inspiration.

Birthdays only come around once a year. So, it’s only right that we try and make our loved ones feel as special as possible.

But knowing what to write in a birthday card to make it warm and personal can be difficult. And with the average person receiving at least 20 birthday cards per year, it can be even harder to have your card stand out from the rest on display.

Nevertheless, going the extra mile with touching thoughts and sentimental meaning to bring that priceless look to their face will always be worth it.

So, to make your life a little bit easier, we’ve come up with a list of funny, affectionate and all-around lovely birthday messages to get you started.

What to write in a birthday card

What to write in a 1st birthday card

How do you know what to write in a 1st birthday card when the receiver doesn’t even know how to read?

Unless you know a one-year-old baby genius, a first birthday card will most likely mean more to the parents or guardians. But remember, it’s still a card to be cherished when the birthday recipient can look back on it fondly in the future.

So, with that in mind, here are some 1st birthday card messages for inspiration:

  • You won’t remember this day, but hopefully, you’ll know how much we love you. Happy birthday!
  • Enjoy the 1st of many birthdays to come.
  • Happy 1st birthday! We all had a great time, although you won’t remember it.
  • We hope you have a ONE-derful birthday!
  • It’s been one year since you joined us, and you’ve brought joy to so many lives. Happy birthday you little blessing!
  • You’re growing up so fast, and we’re just so pleased we get to see it happen. Happy 1st
  • Happy 1st This is a very special day for you. It’s an even more special day for us because it is the day, a year ago, we met the loveliest, cutest baby girl/boy in the world.
  • Wishing your parents the best of luck on your first birthday as you start your climbing phase.
  • Your parents are heroes! They have survived a whole year of sleepless nights, intense crying, and piles of nappies to change. But they love you all the same. Happy birthday.
  • You are the most special gift your parents could ever receive. Happy 1st birthday to a wonderful boy/girl.

What to write in a birthday card for a friend

A good friend deserves to feel appreciated.

And you can make your bond even stronger with a heart-warming message on their birthday. Whether it’s funny or moving, it can still always be a birthday card that they treasure forever.

  • Everybody says they’ve got the world’s best friend, but in my case, it’s actually true. Happy birthday, bestie!
  • I feel so lucky to have you as my friend. I hope your birthday is as special as you are to me. Thanks for being such a great friend.
  • Happy birthday to the kind of friend everyone wants to celebrate.
  • Most things don’t get better with age. Except you! Today’s all yours – so have fun.
  • You’ll always deserve the best! Which is why I’ll always be in your life. Happy birthday.
  • There are friends, there is family, and there are friends like you who become family. Happy birthday to you.
  • You deserve the absolute best. And not only on your birthday. But all the other 364 days of the year too.
  • Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.
  • I wish I could be there to celebrate your birthday with you. All I ask is that you eat lots of cake on my behalf.
  • Here’s to another year of making incredible memories and having lots of fun.

What to write in a birthday card for a boyfriend

There’s no better time to make your boyfriend, partner, or husband feel loved than on his birthday.

Whether you want to smother your boyfriend with love or keep it short and sweet, we’ve made it easy for you to write the perfect birthday card for your man.

  • There’s nobody I’d rather spend my life with than you – happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my amazing husband/partner/boyfriend! You make every day an adventure, and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.
  • I don’t know what I can possibly give you for your birthday… You’ve already got me.
  • I can’t find the cake under all these candles! Happy birthday, old man.
  • Happy birthday to my boyfriend who has excellent taste!
  • You are the salt to my pepper! Happy birthday.
  • Break out the beer cans and party poppers… It’s time to celebrate the world’s greatest boyfriend.
  • May your glass never be empty, and your heart always be full. Happy birthday to the greatest boyfriend/partner/husband to ever exist.
  • I am so lucky to have you in my life. I hope you have the best day.
  • Cheers to getting old but not looking your age. Happy birthday.

What to write in a birthday card for a girlfriend

It’s time to pull out all the stops and show how much you care about your girlfriend/wife on her birthday.

Even if you grab the prettiest, most expensive card in the shop, what counts most is the message inside.

(No pressure!)

Here, we’ve written a list of 10 wonderful wishes to help you know what to write in a birthday card for a girlfriend:

  • I hope your birthday is as special as you are to me!
  • All my love on your birthday.
  • Congratulations on becoming another year older – shame it’s not wiser!
  • Words cannot explain what you mean to me. Happy birthday, darling wife.
  • The first of many birthdays together. Have an amazing day.
  • Happy birthday to the most fantastic wife I could have wished for.
  • A toast to my wife on her birthday.
  • There isn’t enough room in this card to express how much I love you. Happy birthday!
  • Just imagine all the things you would want to hear on your birthday…. And assume I wrote them here!
  • Today is your special day and it’s all about you! (So, just like any other day really!)

What to write in a birthday card for a sister

A sibling’s love is one like no other.

Your sister’s birthday is the perfect time to celebrate the person who has been by your side since day one. Use our birthday messages to make her feel extra special:

  • You are the reason my childhood was so wonderful. Happy birthday, sister!
  • Happy birthday to Mum’s second favourite.
  • I always wonder how people make it through life without a sister. I am lucky to have you.
  • Even if you weren’t my sister, I’d want you as my friend. Thanks for everything.
  • You may be the older sister, but I’ll always be the smartest! Happy birthday.
  • Being your sister is really the only gift you need. Love you.
  • Happy birthday to my former womb mate!
  • Not a day goes by when I don’t thank my lucky stars that you’re my sister.
  • Wishing you nothing but the absolute best on your birthday, you deserve the world.
  • No one knows me like you, and no one ever will. Happy birthday to my first and forever friend.

What to write in a birthday card for a brother

It can be hard to say how much your siblings mean to you, especially if you rarely ever admit it to one another.

The good news is that a brother can take the stick, so why not crack a joke to make him laugh rather than cringe?

Or, if your relationship with your brother is more serious, share your appreciation for having him by your side in one simple punchy sentence.

Let’s get you started:

  • Happy birthday, brother! You’re truly one of a kind, and I couldn’t ask for a better brother.
  • To the guy who always makes me smile, happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to my favourite bodyguard.
  • Don’t you worry about getting old – that happened years ago. Love you, bro.
  • Yesterday is past, tomorrow is unknown, and present… I didn’t get one. Happy birthday anyway!
  • Since the day you were born, I knew you were special. You continue to prove me right. Happy birthday, little brother.
  • You’re one of my biggest inspirations. Wishing you the best birthday.
  • No matter what I am going through, you always know how to make me feel better.
  • Wishing you a birthday as special as you.
  • In honour of your birthday, let’s eat, drink, and be merry.

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What to write in a 30th birthday card

Is someone special in your life waving goodbye to their 20s?

Thirty can feel like a big change to some people, so make them feel at ease with some uplifting words of wisdom. Or better yet, rub some salt in the wound (nicely, of course)!

Give your card that extra special touch using one of our birthday wishes below:

  • Cheers to you entering your third decade of life, happy birthday!
  • Happy 30th! Don’t worry, you don’t look a day over 29.
  • Here’s to turning 30. I hope your thirties are filled with joy and success.
  • Welcome to your 30s. I am sure the next decade is going to be the best yet.
  • Happy 30th birthday! You make the 30s look positively wonderful.
  • To show just how much I care, here are 30 reasons why I love you/you’re the best…
  • May your birthday be as fabulous as you. Happy 30th.
  • Welcome to a new chapter of your life! Happy birthday.
  • They say your 20s are the most fun time of your life, but your 30s are the happiest. Have a great day.
  • 30 happens… Might as well celebrate. A big fat cheers to being 30!

What to write in a 50th birthday card

A 50th birthday is a significant milestone for most. So, writing the ideal happy birthday message should match that historic point for that person.

Sending positive thoughts for the future is always a good route to follow.

But for a lot of people, 50 can feel daunting. This is where a funny, witty birthday wish could ease the feelings of ageing for your loved one.

Some are celebrating, and some might be commiserating, so pick the right message to make the recipient feel celebrated.

  • Fifty, the ultimate F word!
  • Feeling 30, looking 40, but turning 50.
  • Wishing you a fun-filled fabulous 50th.
  • I hope your 50th is just the beginning of exciting things to come.
  • If you’re the new face of 50, then it’s going to be a beautiful year.
  • 50 years old and at the top of your game. Happy birthday.
  • Don’t think of it as 50. Think of it as 21, with 29 years of experience.
  • 50 never looked so good.
  • You’re not old, just retro. Happy 50th
  • We are so lucky to have had half a century of wonderful, lovely, and brilliant you!

What to write in a birthday card for Dad

Dads are always there for you when you need them most. It’s your turn to share your appreciation and be there for them on their special day.

Let your dad know he is loved with a special birthday message, or better yet, throw a dad joke in and watch his eyes sparkle.

  • You are more than just my Dad. You are the greatest man I know.
  • Dad, you are my hero and biggest role model. Happy birthday!
  • Thank you for being the greatest pillar of strength in my life. Happy birthday, Dad!
  • Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them just make bad dad jokes. Don’t ever change. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday, Dad! You’ll always be my favourite drinking companion.
  • No man in this world could have been a better Father to me than you. Happy birthday, Dad!
  • I would write dad jokes in this card, but you didn’t teach me any good ones.
  • Happy birthday, Dad! There’s no better occasion than this to let you know how grateful I am to have you in my life.
  • I realise it’s common to forget things at this age but don’t ever forget about me! Happy birthday, Dad.

You are priceless to everyone. For us at home, your colleagues at work, and your friends at the pub. Have a great birthday, Dad.

What to write in a birthday card for Mum

When it comes to your Mum’s birthday, you want to express how much she means to you.

After all, our mothers are superheroes, top supporters, and best friends too.

So, make your Mum feel exceptional on her birthday and write a message that will bring a tear to her eye, either with love or through laughter

Use our list of 10 to get you started:

  • The highest compliment I can give you, Mum, is that you’ve made me the person I am today. Thank you for everything. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday from your favourite child. (We all know that, right?)
  • I might not say it enough, but I know that I love you and feel so lucky to call you, my Mum.
  • Every Mum is special. But trust me, no other mum can compare to you. Happy birthday!
  • I don’t know what I’d do without you. I know that whatever goes on in my life, you’ll always be there. Have the best birthday.
  • Thanks for always looking after me. If you’d left it up to Dad, I can only imagine how I’d have turned out. Happy birthday, Mum.
  • Mum, I love you more than words can say. Wishing you an amazing birthday.
  • Sorry that you deal with childish tantrums all year round. Hopefully, Dad can behave himself on your birthday!
  • You are my hero, Mum! Thanks for always being such a perfect role model. You deserve to have the best birthday ever.

No matter how old I get, I will never grow out of needing you, Mum. Thanks for everything, and happy birthday.

Don’t forget the card!

You need the perfect card to go alongside your perfectly constructed birthday message.

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