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12 best online Valentine cards to get any heart racing


Love is in the air. February 14th only comes around once a year, so spread the love with an online Valentine card from Textcards.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show how much they mean to you. And one of the best ways to do this is to send an online Valentine card.

At Textcards, we have an array of affordable and eco-friendly e-cards ready for you to distribute at a swipe of a button. The question is, where will Cupid’s arrow fall?

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Why send an online Valentine card?

Valentine’s Day is well-known for exchanging meaningful cards. Approximately one billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year around the world, with the UK sending roughly 145 million.

Its origins date back to the 18th century when people would send cards decorated with ribbons, flowers, and lace to exchange their love for those important people in their lives. Sending Valentine’s Day gifts and cards has most traditionally been between romantic relationships.

But times are changing. Today, there are new and up-to-date ways you can spread love and affection.

If you are still sending paper cards, why not shake things up a bit this year by sending an online Valentine’s Day card?

From being more cost-effective to being environmentally friendly, e-cards can keep you connected and take your relationship to a new level with ease and speed. There really is no excuse this Valentine’s Day to spread the love.

The best online Valentine cards to add to your basket

You can find the best online Valentine’s Day cards here at Textcards. But to make your life a little easier, we’ve compiled a few of our favourites below.

Bag of Hearts online Valentine card
Can’t keep all your love to yourself?  Bag it up and send it to your favourite person with this bag of hearts card.

Big Heart online Valentine card
The bigger the heart the better. Spread large amounts of love to your nearest and dearest with this e-card.

Raining Love online Valentine card
Shower your loved ones with as much affection as possible this Valentine’s Day.

Mum and Daughter Hug online Valentine card
Valentine’s Day is for those closest to you too. Make your mum feel special by sending this heart-warming online e-card.

Love Flowers online Valentine card
Red hearts scream Valentine’s Day. So, what’s better than a love heart flower garden?

Heart Balloon in the Sky online Valentine card
Aiming to soar above the rest this Valentine’s Day? Go the extra mile this February 14th with this adorable heart hot air balloon e-card.

Hedgehog Love online Valentine card
Got any animal lovers in your life? This online Valentine card is a cuteness overload – perfect for any animal-obsessed friend, family member or partner.

Bird Love online Valentine card
Birds are often found in pairs. If you can’t live without your partner, this sentimental online Valentine card is perfect.

Engagement Rings online Valentine card
Are you getting down on one knee this Valentine’s Day? This is the right card to fit the occasion. Send the e-card text and pop the question. It will become a day to remember.

Give Me A Hug online Valentine card
Can’t spend Valentine’s Day with your loved ones this year? Send this virtual hug to their phone and let them know how much they are on your mind.

Big Flower online Valentine card
Any secret haters of Valentine’s Day in your life? If you want to make someone feel appreciated but they aren’t a massive Valentine’s Day lover, send a subtle note of appreciation with this lovely big blue flower card.

Owl Love online Valentine card
Twit-twoo. This owl e-card is just the cutest! Perfect for any loved one to celebrate togetherness, from partner and pet to friend and family member.

Our online Valentine’s Day cards are great to send to your friends, family, colleagues, and partners to make them feel extra special.

The options don’t stop there. We have many more designs for you to choose from at an affordable cost.

Did you know that a person in the UK spends on average £35 for Valentine’s Day, which for some, is a large amount of money? Our e-cards start at 99p, making them accessible to everyone.

Spreading love doesn’t have to cost the earth this Valentine’s Day. It is the thought that counts, after all.

How do I make a Valentine card online?

Making an online Valentine’s Day card is easy with Textcards. Simply pick your favourite design, customise the card with a loving message, and send it by text or email.

Create your perfect online Valentine card today

Whether you are planning ahead or having a last-minute panic (don’t worry, we’ve all been there), we have an online Valentine’s Day card for you.

Textcards is the quickest and easiest way to send greeting cards directly to mobile phones via text or email. It’s so simple, even your oldest relative can do it.

Create the perfect e-card online today and share the love this Valentine’s Day.