Work With Us

We are always on the look out for artistic collaborators to join our team of Greeting Card designers. Have you got some great designs that you think will look fantastic on a phone as a textcard? Let us know, we want to hear from you.
We pay a great rate of commission per sale, so what's stopping you? Get in touch now and lets start working together.
Lets work together
With a few simple steps, we can get working together as easy as peas.
You send us at least 5 of your unique and great designs.
We check them over and make sure we can add text on them and slightly adjust them if needed, or kindly ask you to, then we upload them.
3 Once uploaded and live you begin to promote your designs using the landing page URL we send you.
We then do our bit and promote, market and shout from the rooftops to our audience using our search results, paid advertising, social media posts and landing pages.
5 We pay you an above normal industry royalty for each of your card designs sold.
So, what to send?
We are looking for all types of occasions. In all types of designs. Please remember, these are going to be viewed on a mobile phone so bold images and as little text as possible. The card designs need to stand out and send a clear message of that particular occasion.
If you specialise in a particular religion or culture, great let us know and we can get cracking on that, we want to no one to be left out.
You promote, we promote, it's all about team work.