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10 e-birthday cards for all ages and tastes


Find the perfect e-birthday card design for kids, adults, partners and colleagues with added personalisation features.

Whether you’re looking for something cute, wacky, or something in between, an e-birthday card is a sustainable and unique way to offer your best wishes to the recipient.

But with so many e-birthday card providers and designs to choose from, knowing where to start can be a real faff.

With this in mind, we’ve put together our top ten special e-birthday cards to help inspire the all-important decision.

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Our top 10 e-birthday cards

Birthdays are about feeling special. After all, it’s one day in 365 belonging to that certain someone.

So, to celebrate in style, make sure you choose an e-birthday card that’s personal to them. Here are a few of our favourite designs to get the ball rolling.

1. Cartoon e-birthday card
We start our list with a classic cartoon e-birthday card – Brother Birthday Presents.

If you’re looking to celebrate a birthday without any edgy, novelty humour, then we have an excellent “harmless” selection available, including this fun addition.

At Textcards, we supply a range of classic cartoon e-birthday cards for all ages and personalities. We have numerous designs to suit the ideal preference of your recipient.

2. Cute e-birthday cards

If you’re looking for cuteness, look no further than the Bear-Birthday-Hug e-birthday card design. Show someone you’re thinking of them with one of our adorable designs and remember to leave a lovely personal message to complete the cuteness.

3. Pug e-birthday cards

Known for their playful and affectionate nature, we can all find some love for the panting pugs in our lives.

These pug e-birthday cards are ideal for dog lovers and adoring partners. The biggest decision you’ll have is choosing from the Birthday Pug Balloons or our original Birthday Pug design.

4. Horrible e-birthday cards

Why so serious? For those who appreciate a “horrible” joke, how about this Scary Clown e-birthday card?

Unless it’s going to bring up past trauma, this cheeky number can give someone special a birthday fright and thrill all at once.

5. Weird e-birthday cards

If it’s the weird and wonderful you like, then this original Merry Meerkat e-birthday card design could be a random and fun choice. At Textcards, we believe everyone should embrace their “weirdness” as a strength and a wonderful thing point of originality.

So, honour that authentic individual on their birthday to celebrate the strangeness that makes them or your relationship so special. Essentially, it’s those things that make us different that will make us shine even brighter on our birthdays.

6. Popping e-birthday cards

What better way to celebrate a birthday than popping open a bottle of bubbly? Whether it’s an 18th birthday or 70th, when that one day of the year rolls around again, it’s always worth a toast of the sparkling stuff.

Emphasise the cheers this year with our popping Champagne Glasses e-birthday card!

7. Funny e-birthday cards for men

Looking to make a special bloke in your life laugh on their birthday? Then send them this Fungi e-birthday card and see how long it takes them to figure out why they’re a fun guy.

8. Funny e-birthday cards for women

Sassy but classy. Celebrate that attitude until the “sass” falls around you like confetti with this Sassy Alpaca e-birthday card. This original design is bursting with attitude and cuteness all in one. What’s not to like?

9. Funny e-birthday cards for kids

The perfect design for that wee rascal in our lives. Send this Little Monster e-birthday card by text or email with a funny message of appreciation to those little in years but big in energy.

10. Office e-birthday card

When that long working week draws to an end, there’s nothing like a special cold one to celebrate a birthday.

This Beer Cheers e-birthday card is the ideal way to let your work buddy know you’ll buy them a beer for their birthday when office hours finish.

Digital Birthday Card - Textcards e birthday cardsmerry meerkat

How do you send an e-birthday card?

Sending an e-birthday card is a piece of cake. At Textcards, you can send one via email or an SMS (text message).

All you need is an internet connection and the email address or phone number of the receiver. Simply visit the Textcards website where you can find the ideal cartoon e-birthday card suiting the person and occasion you’re celebrating.

Once you find the design, you can add their name, your name, and a personalised message. You can also change the colour of features on the design and schedule your e-card to arrive at a precise time.

We recommend having your card arrive first thing in the morning on their birthday seeing as 71% of people check their phones within 10 minutes of waking up!

Find your perfect e-birthday card

If you’re ready to start shopping for an e-birthday card, take a look at our wide selection of imaginative and unique e-birthday cards to suit all ages, occasions, and themes.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our featured e-birthday card designs to find your ideal match.