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10 of the best online Mother’s Day cards


Find the perfect Mother’s Day e-card online, guaranteed to make your mum feel cherished and appreciated on that special Sunday of all Sundays this year.

A simple gesture can mean the world to a mum.

So, whether you’re wondering how to celebrate Mother’s Day virtually or need a last-minute gift to show how much you care, go the extra mile with an online card full of thought and heartfelt messages. Read on to uncover a few of our favourite designs.

Take a look at 10 of the best online Mother’s Day cards

Find your perfect Mother’s Day e-card online, guaranteed to make your mum (Or Mom depending where your from) feel cherished on her special Sunday. See our selection of e-cards for Mother’s Day.

Online Mother’s Day cards

The history of Mother’s Day cards

“Mother’s Day cards are extremely significant to the British public. So much so, in 2021, the UK spent over £68 million on greetings cards specifically for our mums!”

But do we know when and why the day originated?

Mother’s Day in the UK originates back to a 16th-century custom known as ‘Mothering Sunday’, which fell on the fourth Sunday of lent.

The tradition was that people visited their ‘mother church’. Whether it’s the church where someone was christened, their parish church, or the nearest cathedral.

Servants were given the day off and allowed to go to the parish where they were born, spending time with children and other family members.

Eventually, the focus shifted to visiting one’s own mother and not just the church. As a result, traditions were born, such as collecting wildflowers to leave in the church, before gifting them to their mothers like we see today.

But what about Mother’s Day cards?

Card sending drastically increased in the early 20th century, with written messages playing a significant role in communication during the world wars.

During the Great War, Mother’s Day cards took off in the UK thanks to homesickness. With Americans seeing their landladies as substitute mums, the GIs won the hearts of younger women with nylons, chewing gum gifts and charming messages inside the cards that had a way of making hearts flutter.

So, by the end of the war, British boys and girls followed suit, and Mother’s Day cards were here to stay.

The 1920s saw the first mass-market Mother’s Day cards, a few years after becoming an official day worldwide.

Now, Mother’s Day is an established calendar event, and these mass-market cards take over on any given occasion, be it Christmas, birthdays, or Father’s Day. As we all know nowadays there’s now a card for everything.

Online Mother’s Day cards - mum and pup - TextcardsOnline Mother’s Day cards - Mum and Daughter Hug card - TextcardsOnline Mother’s Day cards - mom and baby bear - Textcards

The 10 best online Mother’s Day cards

No role in life is more essential than motherhood.

So, we’ve gathered our pick of the best online Mother’s Day e-cards to help you show your mother that much-needed and deserved appreciation.

1. Thank Ewe

Take the cute but funny approach to Mother’s Day with our Thank Ewe e-card. Thank your mum for all she does and make her feel appreciated for her continued support and hard work year in and year out.

2. Bear and Cub

Check out this beautiful card, perfect for a mummy of small children. If you are shopping on behalf of children, this online Mother’s Day card is a fun and playful option.

3. Elephant & Child

Did you know elephants develop deep and remarkably close bonds with their families? If you have a close bond with your mum (or mother figure) and want something symbolic to your relationship, this e-card is your best option this Mother’s Day.

4. Give Me A Hug

If you don’t get to spend time with your mum this Mothering Sunday, send a virtual hug with this Give Me A Hug e-card. We all want to hug our mums closely and appreciate all they do for us, and this card will do just that if you aren’t together on this special day.

5. Wellie’s Card – Dad & Sons or Dad and Daughter

Not everyone is lucky enough to have their mum around. If that is the case, why not send a message of appreciation to your father, who has stepped up and taken on both roles with a whole lot of grit, love, and determination?

We can guarantee that this will mean the most to someone who might find this day difficult but still worth celebrating.

6. Mum and Daughter Hug

Just a nice reminder to hug your mum extra tight this Mothering Sunday. After all, a mother’s hug lasts a much longer time after she lets go. No doubt with this heart-warming e-card, you can bring a grateful tear to your mother’s eye.

Mum and Daughter Walking

Let your mum know you are thinking of her this Mother’s Day with this cute e-card. Our Mum and Daughter Walking e-card is the perfect gesture to mark the unbreakable bond between a mother and her daughter.

Mum & New Baby

For some mothers, this is their first time celebrating this national holiday.

Being a new mum is an exciting chapter for many, but also a difficult one when adjusting to this new way of life. So, Mothering Sunday is the perfect opportunity to remind a new mum how brilliantly she is doing.

Trust that this card will 100% put a smile on her face.

Baby Bear

For the mum who is always protecting you and showering you with love. Remember, you’ll always be your mum’s baby bear, no matter how old you get.

Mum and Pup

Is your mum a dog lover?

This Mother’s Day e-card will remind your mother of the time you were small and playful. Simply add a thoughtful message thanking her for the upbringing you remember and cherish so well. Or if you’re feeling playful, you could even add a classic Dad joke.

Make a Mother’s Day card online

No matter how big or small your efforts are this Mother’s Day, showing care and appreciation for your mum in any way will always have a meaningful impact.

But don’t feel like you have left it too late. Our e-cards can be sent on the day! (Super handy if you ask us.)

With Textcards, you can instantly send a message of love and appreciation to any mobile phone via text or email.

Pick your favourite design, add a personalised message, and make your mum feel special this Mother’s Day.

Schedule your special online Mother’s Day cards today.